Sampler Pack
    • Dad’s Big Bold Reds

      A stunning selection of three big bold reds from South Africa, Argentina and Germany. Each bottle features a different Cabernet Sauvignon blend.
      Type Sampler Pack Dry  0
      Price  $149.00 for 3 bottles
      Included Wines:
      • Cab Sauvignon / Merlot / Cab Fran / Malbec / Petit Verdot “Quinary” (RAQR)
      • Malbec/Cab. Sauv./Merlot Grand Reserva “Celestino Coleccion” (CCCO)
      • Cabernet Sauvignon Barrique (WBAX)
    • New Fruity RED Sampler Pack

      Discover our newest selection of fruity wines from Rheinhessen! Each bottle is different and unique, transporting you to Germany without ever leaving your home! This sampler pack features 6 different fruity red wines, 2 bottles each.
      Type Sampler Pack Slightly Fruity to Very Fruity  2-4
      Price  $379.00 for 12 bottles
      Included Wines:
      • Malbec/Dornfelder Barrique (WBMQ)
      • Malbec/Merlot “Crimson” ( WBAE)
      • Merlot/Dornfelder “Red Balloon” (WBEO)
      • Cabernet Mitos/Malbec (WBDR)
      • Merlot (WBMS)
      • Cabernet Mitos (WBCM)
    • Rare Port Sampler for Dad

      The ultimate gift for dad. A rare flight of 2015, 2016 & 2017 vintage Ports (1 bottle each). Perfect with a cigar, or a boy’s night in the man cave.
      Type Sampler Pack Extremely Fruity  5
      Price  $299.00 for 3 bottles
      Included Wines:
      • Vintage Port from 2015
      • Vintage Port from 2016
      • Vintage Port from 2017
    • The Sweet Dads

      A selection of three fruity red wines from Bechtel-Frey winery in Germany. Perfect for dads just loving it sweet.
      Type Sampler Pack Fruity to Very Fruity  3-4
      Price  $99.00 for 3 bottles
      Included Wines:
      • Merlot/Dornfelder “Red Balloon”
      • Malbec/Merlot “Crimson”
      • Cabernet Mitos

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